Barbet:French National Treasure

Standard 1987


"Très peu distingué" figurait sur le standard de 1954 ainsi que celui de 1965 (FCI/SCC).

C'est une des caractéristiques principales de la race du Barbet Français.

Ce document est tiré du bulletin du club du Barbet.
One person took all the decisions concerning the breed.
These decisions had absolutely nothing to do with facts as there were none for a very long time

This is standard 307b of June 25th 1986. It was approuved in 1987 and couldn't be enforced before it got the go ahead from the SCC.

In the mean time JCH drew up a list of non- confirmation 1985.

The size also changed here. And many dogs were refused confirmation even though that part of the standard had not been ok'd either by the SCC.
In the minutes of the Committee meeting at the SCC of Wednesday May 22nd 1985 it says:

LOF Commission of May 9th:

The commission is surprised at how many Barbets are being refused 3 judges because of size, even though they are not stated in the standard as having changed.(10 were filed)
The LOF commission couldn't oppose these BUT siad that the judges had no right to do this as they had to follow standard 105A where ther is no mention of minimum or maximum...)the 1965 standard

The Zootechnical commissionof the French SCC has examined them but will only be approuved at their next meeting.
The old standard stays until the modifications have been officially aprrouved by the SCC.

Mr Hermans was heard by the LOF commission because so many complaints had been filed.

In passing, any change in standard has to go through the club in a General Assembly before it goes to the SCC. AND it has to be recorded in the Minutes of the official meeting ... and be published in the club bulletin.

That was not the case and still isn't.