Barbet:French National Treasure

Club achievements and activities: so cute


Why have there never been more breeders in France? Good question. The few we have have spent a lot of time badmouthing the others and making sure people ran away from them...
It would be interesting to hear from the club what they have accomplished for the breed and how they have helped the breeders other than helping them exhibit dogs at shows.

We all know who wrote this letter 11 years ago. Then it's not wonder people potentially look for a Barbet as an alternative to a Labradoodle?! Of course, you never know what the Barbet is going to look like so you might as well go to a readily available source.
There are, as an example, in Finland, for a population of 5.5 M, 15 breeders...That in France is the number of people potentially suffering from depression.
Anyone interested in helping with the survival of the breed is strongly discouraged!